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NLP Master Practitioner Training

15MentoringHuman Resources

The NLP master practitioner training is carried out when you successfully completed the NLP Practitioner training. An open book test must be completed before the training. This NLP Master Practitioner Training live training is going to stretch your mind in ways you never before thought possible. This is NLP at a whole new, grown up, supersonic level. If you want to be taken seriously as an NLPer, you need to do this course.Read more at: https://peoplebuilding.co.uk/nlp-master-practitioner-training/

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NLP Practitioner Training

10MentoringHuman Resources

The main components of our NLP Practitioner Training course which has been examined and certified as the bees knees by the important people in NLP, including the ANLP. An understanding of the Mind- Body connection Understand and read body language NLP Presuppositions which positively influence your world Enter someone elses world for greater understanding of others Communicate effectively Fire off positive states in others and yourself at will (Anchoring) Remove bad feelings associated to triggers from the past Change your unwanted feelings and behaviours Use your language to create trance in others (Milton Model)

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PASMA Towers For Users

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People Building is a personal and professional development company that specialises in developing individuals and as a result, their businesses. Our training, coaching and products have their roots in NLP and are based around accelerated learning techniques to help delegates adapt and incorporate their new behaviours quickly and effectively. We specialise in customer service, sales and leadership and management training. Our courses are often bespoke to fit clients needs and formal accredited qualifications are also available. The training we provide is always with an qualified trainer who will be both knowledgeable and entertaining. Even when we are recruited to help raise the standards of disenchanted workforce, we will manage the emotions with care and the challenges with professionalism. Coaching for individuals is the best way to help maintain the progress made in training. Coaching gives a source of accountability and the opportunity to iron out any creases that may still remain. Coaching is always solution focused and with the NLP edge, it enables us to assist in the development of strategic plans, gently guiding when necessary and allowing individuals to create their own solutions. We have been producing personal development products since 2005 and have a library of scripts, audios and podcasts.The People Building members club provides continual professional development to hundreds of members with monthly products and resources. To find out what People Building can do for you or your company call 0845 3192 666 or email info@peoplebuilding.co.uk.

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